In this section, you will learn about our Ongoing, Future and Completed Projects.


Holiday Decoration

Phase one of this project is to decorate the pedestrian lights on Main Street with garland and bows and mount the new technology of Flittering Discs on the light poles around the square. These decorations do not require the use of electricity, instead they shimmer and shine from the wind (which we know we have plenty of). Our total goal for phase one is $10,000.

December 18 update – From the help of the community, 32 light poles have been wrapped with garland and one snowflake flittering disc.

We will fund raise year round for this project. If you would like to help please visit our GoFundMe page.



Finding History in Portales Photos

In December 2017, the Portales MainStreet Program received old photos from a previous Director, Greg and Pat Erf. As someone not raised in the area, I looked at these photos and wondered who they were and their story. After a few weeks, I decided to take the task of scanning and cropping the 30 plus photos and post them online.

Uncertainty was my first feeling. So often history dies out with the passing of generations. And let’s be honest, how many families display their heritage and genealogy on the wall anymore? Few under the age of 60.

So I did what any millennial would do, (yes according to Wikipedia I am a millennial) I took my quest to Facebook. Pictures were upload to Portales MainStreet’s page, the Forgotten New Mexico page, and the local reminiscing page of Old Portales Memories. To say Portales MainStreet “broke” the internet is exaggerating, but to have my notifications surpass 60 in a few short hours is quite a feat! As of the next morning the virtual photo album reached over 1,000 people.

I should’ve had more faith in our region’s love for history. Many posted that these photos held the image of their family or a former employer.

Not all the photos are identified but that’s not stopping us from finding their homes. As a national MainStreet program preservation of history is at the fore-front of our mission. At times it’s looked over with the mundane day-to-day activities. This project reminds our organization of where Portales came from. It is our goal to share this history with Portales and we uncover it. Stay tuned to see who these individual were and the difference they made in our community.

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